Camera-ready version of your contribution is due no later than October, 06 2020.

Please take the reviewers' comments carefully into account when preparing it. No rebuttal letter is needed.

The page limit for the extended abstract is 3 pages.

Format the manuscript according to the LaTex template available here.

    • You can add packages to this template but do not remove any that are already included

    • Use the splncs03.bst BibTeX style sheet if you need a style for the bibliography

    • If your manuscript is separated into several .tex files, combine them into a single, cohesive .tex file.

      - Bibliography can be submitted separately as .bib or included in your main .tex file (do not use input, includeor externaldocument)

      - Figures should be placed in the directory containing the .tex manuscript (not in subdirectories). Therefore, the /includegraphics command should contain only the filename, es.: includegraphics[]{figure_name}

      - We accept only EPS and TIFF (at least 600 dpi) files

      - Since figures are uploaded separately from your .tex file, remove EPS figures generated in the LaTeX file.

    • Once the manuscript is ready, generate the PDF file

Do NOT use EasyChair to submit the camera-ready version of your submission but the submission system at

You must upload into the submission system:

  1. The PDF file of your contribution
  2. The files used to generate the PDF

Go to the submission system at


  1. Click on “Create account“ (if you access for the first time)
  2. Provide an e-mail address (we suggest the e-mail associated to your EasyChair submission)
  3. Enter a password with at least 8 characters
  4. Log in by clicking on "Login"
  5. Click on “Camera ready submission”
  6. Follow the instructions to associate your account with your EasyChair account

Upload the files

  1. Upload the PDF of your contribution (click on Add File)
  2. Upload the files used to generate the PDF: the .tex manuscript (in a single file), the figures and the .bib file if not included in the .tex file

If you have any question about the submission process of your contribution contact :