Posters should be in portrait format and the maximal dimensions should be 84.1 cm wide x 118.9 cm high (A0 portrait). This size specification must be strictly adhered to when preparing your posters. The conference organization will supply materials for mounting posters on the boards.

Uploading your presentation

In order to be considered for the poster presentation award your poster must be uploaded at no later than November 26, 2020. To log in use the same credentials than you used for uploading your camera-ready contribution.

Poster presentation

Posters will be presented during a half-day daily session (Tuesday through Thursday). Posters should be mounted before the session at their designated location and removed by the end of the session.
For the morning session posters should be mounted at 08:30 and removed at 13:15.
For the afternoon session posters should be mounted at 14:30 and removed at 19:00.
Each poster has been assigned a number and must be mounted on the appropriately numbered board. You can check the number by referring to the printed or on-line program.

Poster schedule

The author of the poster is requested to be stand by his/her poster throughout the duration of the scheduled session (please refer to the printed or on-line program for information on when your poster session is scheduled). Authors are encouraged to engage the audiences in technical discussion by making periodic presentations and answering questions.
Please report to the poster session chair at the beginning of your session.

Printing your poster

The conference organization will be providing materials for mounting the poster. However, you are required to print out and bring your poster to the conference.
Make sure that your poster is printed the day before your session.

For any problem/question please send an email to