Michele COSCIA

IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark



Maastricht University, Netherlands


I am a Senior Research Scientist at ISI Foundation working on topological approaches to complex networks and their underlying geometry, with special attention to the topology of brain structure and dynamics. Interests: Topology and Predictability of Complex Systems, Computational Neuroscience, Cognitive Control. Education: PhD in Complex Networks, 2012, Imperial College London; MSc in Theoretical Physics, 2008, University of Pisa; BSc in Physics, 2005, University of Pisa


The tutorial will provide a primer and overview of recent advances in topological data analysis and higher-order models. The first part will focus on the basics of persistent homology and Mapper, with examples of applications to datasets, and on some tools to reconstruct higher order structures from lower dimensional projects. The second part will focus on the dynamical models with interactions beyond pairwise, with direct examples of spreading, synchronization and consensus. Both parts will feature a theoretical introduction and hands-on exercises.