The lightning sessions are plenary sessions. They will take place in the main room every morning after the keynote presentations. We expect the sessions to be well attended and a great success!


Each presentation is allocated 5 minutes. Please keep your presentation within the time you are allotted as a courtesy to the other speakers, your session chair and the audience. Recall that there will be plenty of time to discuss your work during the coffee breaks and social events.
Each presenter is allowed up to ten (10) slides. The first slide should be a header slide with your name, affiliation and title.
There is no time reserved for discussion or questions after each presentation.
Discussions will follow the last presentation of the session.

Uploading your presentation no later than November 26, 2020.

The Lightning Presentation MUST be uploaded to our system before the meeting.
Please upload your presentation on no later than November 26, 2020. Slides uploaded after the deadline will be left out of the session.
To log in, use the same credentials that you used for uploading your camera-ready contribution.

Reporting to the Session chair

Lighting sessions require a little bit of advance organization to ensure they run smoothly. The smooth, rapid flow of talks is what makes the lightning sessions so exciting. While one lightning speaker is presenting, the next speakers will be on the podium getting ready so that there are no delays between presentations.

All speakers must report to the session chair at the registration desk at 8:30 AM the day of your presentation to receive instructions from the chair, review presentation order and make sure your presentation is how you wish.
Make sure to be in the room 15-20 minutes before the session starts.

Lightning presentation tips

Use illustrations and graphic material on each slide – as opposed to textual content alone – to increase comprehension and retention.
Keep the wording to a minimum, as you want the audience focused on what you are saying in the short time allotted, not trying to read words on your slides.
Try to keep your presentation focused on visuals, feel free to get creative with how you lay out your information and/or data.
Remember that you are the presenter, not the slides. Use your slides to emphasize a point, keep yourself on track, and illustrate a point with a graphic or photo.
Keep it simple, clean, and concise. Use consistent wording. The maximum screen load is 6 to 8 lines and 30-35 words for a single slide.
Practice your presentation. Know your time limit (your presentation length) and set a timer for these practice presentations.

Presentation format

Please prepare your presentation in 16:9 format.
Only Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf) will be accepted.
If you need not standard fonts, these must be embedded into your presentation.

For any problem/question please send an email to